Thursday, July 1, 2010

Upcoming Event with Lightforce!

Passion and Purity: Are You Willing to Fight?

With a culture saturated in sex and distorted ideas of how women and men should look or act, young people everywhere have to fight for the purity that their maker has entrusted them with. But there is a change in the wind; God is raising up a generation willing to fight for what the enemy has taken away.

LightForce International Ministries is committed to the fight. In addition to reaching out to exploited women and children, it is our heart to help women restore the standard of purity in their hearts and lives. From July 19th-23rd, LightForce has the privilege to partner with Village Ministries International and Young Life Nicaragua and hold five one-day conferences in five different Nicaraguan cities. These conferences, themed Passion and Purity, are specifically designed to target young women ages 13-21 and restore the hope of innocence.

In addition to speaking to the women on love, sex, dating, and marriage, we are also engaging them through drama, crafts, and serving them a meal. This creates a unique opportunity for our partners to fight with us.

We ask that you please pray for open hearts and minds in order that the Gospel of Jesus and the message of purity would be solidified in this generation of young women. We can do nothing except through Him who gives us strength, and we covet your prayers intensely.

This is also a chance to partner with us financially as well. As we are expecting 50-100 women at each conference, which is 250-500 for the whole week, we need the help of our partners now more than ever. Right now LightForce needs $700 for food alone for the week. If 25 people gave $28 each, we could feed and bless these young people!

We ask that you give whatever the Lord lays on your heart. You can go to and click ‘Donate.’ Or send checks written to ‘Cornerstone Church of Lexington’ with ‘LightForce International’ in the memo to the following address:

LightForce International

C/O Cornerstone Church of Lexington

P.O. Box 21821

Lexington, KY 40522

Thank you so much for your prayers and support thus far! It is only when we partner with the Body of Christ as a whole that we can reach a generation looking for hope!

In Him,

LightForce International Ministries