Saturday, November 13, 2010

Graduation Day

A few days ago we studied the story of David and Goliath in Spanish Class. At the end of class we had a discussion and our teacher asked us, "What is the 'Goliath' in your life right now?" I sat there pondering on how to answer, especially in Spanish! Picture upon picture began to flash in my eyes of different girls we have ministered to or are currently ministering to in LightForce. The heartbreak and the anger I felt in that moment was overwhelming. I looked at my teacher and replied, "My Goliath is the beast of sexual immorality."
 This "Goliath" is a beast so hideous with characteristics so evil. His demand for sex is so outrageous it causes a girl to loose her virginity at 5 years old so that the supply can always meet the demand.
Or a girl I work with who was raped by 6 different men by the time she was ten coming to a total of 10 men by the time she was 16 therefore causing her to decide she was worthless and began to sell her body for money living hungry, dirty and broken as a prostitute.

I know God is bigger than any Goliath but there are days, even weeks when I struggle to stand upon that truth.

Yet days like today, my heart is overflowing and thankful to serve a mighty, mighty God. Today was graduation day for the men and women in Rivas. Sadly not all the participants of the project could attend the party.

I cried with Meybi when she received her certificate. You see we met Meybi on the side of the road one day. We gave her rice and beans, prayed for her and asked her to come to our Jewelry Project Seminar. Surprisingly she came, quiet and holding a look of uncertainty in her eyes. However two months after attending the workshops and hearing about Jesus, Meybi made a whole hearted decision to follow Jesus Christ. Instantly, she left a long life of prostitution. Today, Meybi attends church with her daughter is making her living as a seamstress. Next weekend we will attend Meybi's Wedding! Even now as I type, my eyes fill with tears and I am so humbled to have witnessed this change.

When Walter received his certificate, he could not stop smiling. Then he suprised us all by giving a little speech and challenging everyone in the room to remember that I said God had bigger plans for all of them. Walter said he now knows and believes God wants more for him. He thanked us and God before a whole room of people. Annita and I were shocked and blessed. Walter hardly ever talks!

I wish I could type every detail but sadly I am out of time. Thank you to all the many supporters and intercessors for LightForce International, you help us continue to shine light into darkness!